A Review Of TruKeto Supplement: What Makes This Keto Diet Different?

The use of keto diet is on a rapid rise. The diet plan was first designed by Dr. Robert Atkins. It was his idea that instead of eating foods rich in carbohydrates, those who want to lose weight should instead healthy fats. The ketogenic diet was very popular in the 1970s and it’s making a major comeback. One of the well-known keto supplements is TruKeto. This article provides a comprehensive review of Truvision TruKeto and what makes it different.

What is Keto Diet?

A keto diet is a supplement that has been designed to promote the production of ketones in the body. The moderate protein, high-fat, and low-carb diet boosts the levels of ketones in the blood which leads to weight loss. The keto diet is also known as the ketogenic diet, the low-carb/high-fat diet (LCHF) among others. 

What is TruKeto?

It’s a powder shake that’s formulated by Truvision Heath. TruKeto is designed with ingredients which are supposed to help the body reach ketosis. The extremely low-carb supplement is usually paired with an exercise regimen and a keto diet which help the body to maintain a stable state of ketosis. The result is a natural and safe weight loss. Taking TruKeto means that you have to reduce your carb intake and increase the intake of healthy fats. 

How Did The TruKeto Supplement Start?

Well, TruKeto is formulated and sold by Truvision Health. The company which focuses on producing a variety of health and wellness products was founded in 2013 and it’s located in Utah. TruKeto founders designed this product to facilitate a faster and better way of the body attaining ketosis. Truvision Health clearly states that all their products are well-balanced and unique supplements that help the body to naturally enter ketosis without forcing anything. The company has designed TruKeto supplements in a variety of flavors which include salted caramel and wild berry. Additionally, all the consumer needs are well-catered to. TruKeto is available in options such as vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. 

TruKeto Claims

According to Truvision, TruKeto is a ketogenic enhancer that has been clinically proven to be effective. The company claims that the supplement not only suppresses appetite but it’s also an excellent fat burner. It efficiently promotes the use of stored fat to energy. Besides those, other TruKeto claims include: 

  • Immediate Absorption: according to TruKeto reviews, this supplement doesn’t need salts to be broken down. The supplement is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and its effects can be felt within a short period of time.
  • Activated Ketones: they help the body to quickly burn fat.
  • Keto Diet Support: dieters can easily achieve their keto goals without the need for a strict keto diet regimen.

Overall, Truvision insists that this keto supplement needs to be used with proper nutrition and good lifestyle choices. You cannot eat junk processed foods, fail to get adequate sleep, etc. and still achieve your weight loss goals using the TruKeto supplement.

TruKeto Ingredients

This keto diet supplement is made with a variety of ingredients. The five active ingredients that are found in TruKeto not only induce the body to ketosis but they are also essential in improving other aspects of the body that relate to weight loss. The ingredients which include a variety of plant extracts include:

B-Hydroxybutyrate – Butyrate

This substance is used with keto supplements because it helps to induce ketosis. It elevates the amount of ketones in the blood and promotes weight loss. Besides that, this compound is effective in improving other aspects that are related to weight loss which includes reducing the blood sugar levels and improving energy levels.

Green Tea Extract

This plant-based extract is highly effective in promoting weight loss. Green Tea extract is used in this keto diet because it promotes faster and efficient fat metabolism. Furthermore, this compound is great in reducing calorie intake by suppressing appetite as well as reducing food cravings.

Rubus Chamaemorus Extract

This extract is also known as cloudberry. Rubus Chamaemorus is a type of berry that helps to improve the immune system. Cloudberry is also used to improve the circulation of blood. Keto reviews show that it’s an effective ingredient that helps to improve digestive health, leading to an effective weight loss process.

Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea Oil (Lingonberry)

It’s also a berry that has a lot of immune benefits. Lingonberry contains high amounts of antioxidants which help to fight off diseases. It’s an amazing extract that’s good for the skin’s health. It’s a diuretic that is used with keto supplements to aid the loss of water weight.


It’s a stimulant that is popular for its metabolism-boosting characteristics. Caffeine promotes weight loss by enhancing the metabolism of fat. Additionally, it helps to increase the levels of energy in the body, leading to improved endurance during workouts. However, the caffeine that is found in TruKeto is in moderate amounts so as to prevent sleeplessness, anxiety, etc.

Does the TruKeto Diet Work?

Multiple TruKeto reviews that this supplement is highly effective. Most dieters share a similar opinion that TruKeto works. Looking at a scientific explanation of the ingredients that are used to formulate this keto diet, there is a direct relationship between the active ingredients that are found in this supplement and ketosis.

Research reports by the Harvard Health indicate that the keto diet is a great alternative when it comes to conditions that are related to weight loss. PubMed reports show that green tea extract is full of effective catechins which are good for weight management. Besides that, it has been proven to be great for the heart health and the digestive health. Wikipedia indicates that cloudberries have high amounts of ellagic acid, vitamin C, anthocyanins, malic acid, and citric acid all which are great for weight loss. This ingredient is mostly used with various keto supplements because of its flavor as well as the high levels of vitamin C.

However, some people have reported a conflicting outcome after using the TruKeto supplement. Note that everyone has a different body and the way each user responds to this diet is different. Besides that, the body can easily get intolerant to ingredients such as caffeine, reducing their effects. To ensure that you get the full benefits of TruKeto, ensure that you use it alongside a healthy diet. Additionally, you can implement simple workout routines to ensure you efficiently burn all the body fat.

Benefits of TruKeto

There are numerous benefits of taking this keto diet supplement. The plant-based ingredients in addition to the B-Hydroxybutyrate – Butyrate all provide the body with a variety of health benefits. Taking TruKeto is also great for mental faculties. Some of its benefits include:

  • Promoting the production of ketones
  • Improving the athletic performance
  • It’s great for diabetics
  • Enhancing the level of energy in the body
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Promoting mental clarity


TruKeto Side Effects

The side effects of TruKeto are mainly associated with its ingredients. Some dieters are allergic to the plant-based extracts. Additionally, taking high amounts of TruKeto in a single serving can result to an overdose. The common side effects of taking TruKeto include:

  • Loss of memory
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sugar cravings

However, these side effects can be combatted if the dieter takes TruKeto supplement alongside a healthy diet. Additionally, it shouldn’t be used for a long period of time in order to reduce chances of intolerance.

How to Effectively Use the TruKeto Supplement

Note that this supplement is sold in powder form with multiple servings. A single serving is usually mixed with water in order to create a shake with consistency. A packet of TruKeto is normally mixed with 8-10 oz. of water. Note that the number of servings helps to determine the effect which the supplement has on the body.

  • One serving daily is meant for therapeutic use
  • Two servings daily is designed for optimal use.

In order for TruKeto to produce the best level of ketosis, it should always be taken on an empty stomach. This helps to ensure that the ingredients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Additionally, TruKeto should be taken alongside Trufix. Trufix supplement is great for the whole body system. It’s responsible for promoting the health of liver while maintaining blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Where to Buy TruKeto

This ketogenic supplement can be purchased from Truvision Health’s website. Besides that, customers can buy it from Walmart, Amazon, Walgreen, Alibaba, Macy’s, eBay among other places. The supplement is sold at a fairly reasonable price with the whole kit going for about $179, 00. It usually contains two ten-day TruKeto in preferred flavor. The package also contains trufix pills for 30-days plus a shaker bottle.


⇒ It’s a nootropic
⇒ Lacks MCT Oil
⇒ Good for weight loss


⇒ Good for short-term use
⇒ Inconsistent results

Final Thoughts

TruKeto is a unique type of Ketogenic supplement. Its ingredients are highly effective in promoting ketosis and enhancing weight loss. According to scientific research, an ingredient such as green tea extract is very efficient in the burning of fat. It increases metabolism and prevents the storage of excess of fat. Truvision’s TruKeto is a supplement that has been tried and tested.



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